QIC Appeals Portal

The DME Qualified Independent Contractor (QIC), MAXIMUS Federal offers a 24-hour secure, CMS compliant web portal for electronic submission of appeal requests. Many Provider organizations are currently using the QIC Appeals Portal, and Providers/Suppliers who are interested can begin using it immediately.


Some of the benefits of the MAXIMUS Federal QIC Appeals Portal are:

  • Secure login and submission (permits plans to securely transmit appeals and supporting documents);
  • Online appeal request submission forms (eliminating paper forms);
  • Immediate confirmation of submission (including a confirmation number); and
  • Ability to upload and submit files electronically (eliminating mailing and shipping costs).


Please see the links below to the QIC Appeals Portal website and User Guide, which will provide detailed instructions on how to register with the QIC Appeals Portal and submit case files to MAXIMUS Federal.


QIC Appeals Portal URL:  https://qicappeals.cms.gov


QIC Appeals Portal User Guide:  https://qicappeals.cms.gov/qicportal/public/docs/portalUserGuide.pdf

Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Appeals